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How to Declutter Your Logic Pro Project

When creative ideas are flowing, we don’t think about how our Logic Pro
project file looks. We just want to get that great song idea out of our head
and into our ears, but what happens the day afterwards? What happens
when you look at your project and it looks a little something like this?


It’s a little overwhelming, right? Organization is an important part of making
your songs. Hopefully, these tips and tricks can help you get your project
spick and span!

Rename your tracks

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked on a mix down for another artist
and almost all of the tracks have “Inst 1” or “Massive Synth” This can
waste so much of your time by making you have to search for a specific
region/track on your project. Quickly glance at the photo below. Can you tell
what any of these regions are by first glance?


There are a few ways to fix this. Here’s the easiest way!

1. Select the track you want to rename. When selected, It will be a lighter
gray than the other tracks.


2. Double Click on the white text. Near the right of the track. The box
should turn black and you’ll be able to change the name of your track.

3. Select the regions in your track. (A white framing should surround the
selected regions).


4. Secondary click on the region. (control + click) A list of options should pop up.


5. Select Name and Color + Name Regions by Tracks

The regions should be named after the track. Repeat these steps on all of
the tracks you want to and they should look like this!


Much better! But don’t think this is all you can do to organize your Logic Pro
project! There are tons of ways to improve your workflow and most of them
take a matter of seconds to do! Now we move on to my personal favorite…


Most of the time, in Logic Pro projects, the color of the MIDI regions are
green and the Audio regions are blue. While this is fine, it can get kind of
overwhelming when looking at it.


I try to organize all of my tracks with a color and there are tons of ways to
do it! Typically, I like to organize my percussion with darker colors like blue
or purple and my vocals lighter colors like yellow. There are loads of ways
to customize the colors your tracks to help your workflow process. Here’s

1. Secondary click on the selected region you want to recolor and go to
Name and Color – Show/Hide Colors


2. Select the color you would like out of the selection.


3. Keep the color selection open. You can select different regions and
change the color from here.

After you finish recoloring your tracks, your Logic Pro project should looks
something like this.


Now, if you want to Solo the Drop Lead or Piano or any other sort of
instrument, it will be much easier to spot! Plus it looks a bit more pleasing
to the eye, rather than just the plain blue and green.

Since we’ve gotten our tracks named and colored to our pleasing, it’s time
to learn more about stack tracks!

Track Stacks

You’ve probably got your clothes organized by certain criteria. Shirts,
pants, etc. It makes it easier for us to dress ourselves when we’ve got our
clothes organized in groups for us to find them better. The same can work
for your projects in Logic Pro. The Track Stacks feature can help you do

There are 2 different kinds of Track Stacks.

Folding Stack – a basic track stack that lets you group tracks together. From
there you can mute, solo, and adjust the overall volume of the tracks

Summing Stack – a multipurpose track stack. This one has a few more
features. You can play back MIDIs, add plugins collectively to all of the

For this tutorial, it makes no difference which one you choose.

1. Select all of the tracks that you want to group together. You can select
multiple tracks by using command + click and selecting all the tracks
you want.


2. Select Whichever Track Stack type that you’d like to use.

3. Your Track Stack is now there in place of your original tracks. You can
minimize and maximize it as you please.


I use Track Stacks to tidy up my percussion tracks and my synths because
I have so many of them. You can see how mine looks here.

20 19

As you can see, I’ve got my several different stacks renamed and colored
using the steps from this tutorial! The Logic Pro project is a lot more
organized now and it only took a couple of minutes to do!


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