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Sound Devices expand MixPre M-Series with 3M and 6M models

Inspiration strikes. You run to your computer, boot it up, load your DAW, click through various screens and create a new session to record your million-dollar idea. The only problem is that, by the time the DAW is record-ready, the waiting around and context-switching of navigating dialogue boxes has poured figurative water on your creative spark. If this sounds at all familiar, then Sound Devices might have the answer for you. 

Today, the company known for their location sound recorders expand their MixPre Series to introduce the MixPre-3M and MixPre-6M multitrack audio recorders with built-in USB audio interfacing. As opposed to the T-Series, the ultra-portable M-Series is designed specifically for musicians. To this end, they all — including the previously announced MixPre-10M — record up to 12 tracks of audio (up to 96kHz/24-bit) and integrate features like overdub, track laying, punch in/out, bounce, reverb, vocal air, and metronome. 

The MixPre-10M was a first in providing a proper 12-track overdubbing/bounce down multitrack recording machine — essentially taking the old-school mutitracker concept, and bringing it up to date. Keep an eye out for our review of the MixPre-10M in the upcoming July issue (out June 21).

Available now for a reasonable $549 and $799, the MixPre-3M and MixPre-6M feature Sound Devices’ respected Kashmir mic preamps and low-noise A-to-D architecture. The M-Series can also stream multiple channels of audio via USB to a computer, which is ideal for music composers working with a DAW. What’s more, if you’re an existing MixPre-3, 6 or 10T owner, you can get all of the extra functionality for only $99 by purchasing the Musician Plugin that adds all the musician-inspired features.

Video of Introducing the MixPre-3M & MixPre-6M Multitrack Recorders for Musicians

The MixPre-3M and 6M have a wide variety of applications, such as recording and overdubbing multi-layered songs without a DAW; recording into a DAW; recording and mixing small ensemble live performances; multichannel playback of pre-recorded backing tracks for live use as well as recording live events, concerts, and band rehearsals.

The M-Series’ musician-friendly, touch-screen interface lets musicians record quickly, and after laying and overdubbing tracks, you can mix using dedicated knobs to control levels, pans, solos, and mutes. You can then render recordings for uploading to social media, sharing with band members or exporting to a DAW for further production.

Connect instruments and/or mics via the XLR/TRS inputs or the Aux in connector. Featuring a digital patchbay, any of the physical inputs, including USB, can be conveniently routed to any track, eliminating the need to plug and re-plug inputs just to record to a different track. Even the internal metronome can be recorded, which is ideal for backing tracks.

The MixPre-3M and MixPre-6M are shipping now.

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Watch Octave One Give A Masterclass In Live Performance

Here at Point Blank, we’re always looking for ways we can link up with special artists and industry professionals to show you how the very best operate. We’ve recently sat down with the likes of Fred P and MJ Cole who gave the kind of insight that only their vast experience can glean. In keeping with that theme, our latest masterclass is with Octave One, who demonstrate the kind of slick intuition with a live set up that a quarter of a century in the game will bring. Take a look a below at their incredible live performance at our London studios and listen out as they talk us through their set-up, “The Mothership”.

Lenny and Lawrence Burden recently dropped into our London Studio and treated us to a live performance of their gorgeously soulful techno. The video gives the perfect vantage point to watch what the brothers get up to behind the controls of their incredible array of hardware. They also give us the inside scoop on what their live set is about, telling us why they eschew computers, what the art of performing is to them and how to make the most out of the interaction between person and machine. The pair get technical about their gear and we learn why they call their Akai MPC 1000 “The Brain”, as well as how their set up is designed to allow as much lossless experimentation on the fly as possible. Finally, the veteran duo share their thoughts on the possibilities available today vs when they started out, and why the most important thing to learn is how to fail.

Octave One have been a part of the techno landscape since 1990 when they first started releasing on Derrick May’s legendary Transmat label in Detroit, and soon after their own 430 West imprint. Initially, they were focused almost completely on recording, with Lawrence taking care of the DJing and travelling, but when a tour demanded they play live, Lenny devised the show in just two weeks. When on-stage he found he was struggling to get around all of their gear, Lawrence stepped in to help with the mixing and effects so Lenny could focus on sound-creation: an arrangement that still exists to this day. In the years since, Octave One have become synonymous with live, analogue techno. Their set has evolved with technology but they still play with hardware only and every set is defined by feel and the injection of the human element to sequenced music – an approach that has seen them play every big stage in techno, and forge longstanding links with institutions like Tresor and Berghain. In 2008, after the release of ‘Summers On Jupiter’, they stopped releasing, saying they had nothing left to say through music. A smattering of old tracks and one-offs would follow, before their touring schedule inspired their real return with ‘Burn It Down’ in 2015. Between the record’s riotous reception and their seminal Boiler Room performance from Moscow, the band’s legendary live set has never been so in-demand.

Want to up learn how to built sets like these? On our BA (Hons) Music Production & Sound Engineering Degree you can learn everything you need to know about music production including mixing & mastering, composition and music business, and in our Electronic Music Performance you’ll be taught how to tailor your set-up and play live like the best of them. The module is developed by Saytek, a hardware aficionado and celebrated live artist in his own right. We also offer an online alternative, in the form of our new online BA (Hons) Music Production & Sound Engineering Degree. For more information, contact our course advisors on +44 20 7729 4884. If you are a resident of the USA, you can reach us on 323 282 7660. Check our contact page for more options.

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