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Ableton Live 10 Shortcuts Tips And Tricks [HUGE List!]

If you are looking for Ableton Live 10 shortcuts, tips And tricks then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve put together an ultimate list of shortcuts for Live 10, along with some helpful tips and tricks and seven useful videos near the end of this post.

Ableton Live 10 is one of the best Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) available online.

It has countless great features that give you complete control over your music. We know it can take a long time to master all the tools in Ableton, which is why we made this list of helpful shortcuts.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, these Ableton Live 10 shortcuts, tips, and tricks will save you time and frustration.

That way you can keep making great music without the hassle of switching screens to lookup how to perform a certain action.

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Ableton Live 10 Shortcuts – Keyboard Wizardry

These Ableton Live 10 shortcuts are awesome for multiple reasons –

First of all, they save you from having to point and click and take less than a second to push.

Secondly, they stop you from losing valuable time and energy to edit your sounds and switch between different views in the DAW.

Switch to Full Screen:
Windows – F 11
Mac – CTRL – CMD – F

Jump to Second Window
Windows – CTRL – Shift – W
Mac – CMD – Shift – W

Switch Between Sessions
Windows – Tab
Mac – Tab

Change Devices
Windows – Shift – Tab
Mac – Shift – Tab

Open or Close Detailed View
Windows – CTRL – ALT – L
Mac – CMD – ALT – L

Change to Hot-Swap Mode
Windows – Q
Mac – Q

Change to Drum Rack
Windows – D
Mac – D

Open or Close Info View
Windows – Shift – ?
Mac – Shift – ?

Bring Up Video Window
Windows – CTRL – ALT – V
Mac – CTRL – ALT – V

Open or Close Browser
Windows – CTRL – ALT – B
Mac – CTRL – ALT – B

Show or Hide Overview
Windows – CTRL – ALT – O
Mac – CMD – ALT – O

Hide or Show Sends
Windows – CTRL – ALT – S
Mac – CMD – ALT – S

Open or Close Mixer
Windows – CTRL – ALT – M
Mac – CMD – ALT – M

Pull Up Preferences
Windows – CTRL- ,
Mac – CMD – ,

Close Active Window
Windows – Esc
Mac – Esc

Enable of Disable Almost Everything (Clips, Devices, Tracks, etc…) with One Numpad Key
Windows – 0
Mac – 0

Hide Returns to Save Screen Space
Windows – CTRL – ALT – R
Mac – CMD – ALT – R

Open or Hide I/O Window
Windows – CTRL – ALT – I
Mac – CMD – ALT – I

Ableton Live 10 Quick Editing Tips

These tips will help you stay in the groove without having to spend time opening context menus or searching for a basic tool.

Tip #1 – Quick Save
Saving your project often is important to avoid losing any of your hard work. To save everything quickly, simply press CTRL – S on your keyboard (CMD – S for Mac).

Tip #2 – Double or Halve a Loop
To quickly double or halve the length of a loop, you can press CTRL – ↑ or ↓ on your keyboard (CMD – ↑ or ↓ if you’re on a Mac).

Tip #3 – Play Only the Active Selection
Sometimes you want to play only a single part of your track while editing.

To do this, you can select the part you want to hear and press ALT – Spacebar on your keyboard. Only the selected portion of the track will play.

Tip #4 – Quickly Resume Playback
To quickly resume playback of your track without the mouse, you can press Shift – Spacebar.

Tip #5 – Finely Move MIDI Tracks and Parameters
Adjusting a MIDI track so it lines up just the way you want can be difficult.

To make it so it only moves in very fine increments, press and hold CTRL while you drag it with your cursor. This same trick works when adjusting parameters.

Tip #6 – Delete Time
While editing you may have to delete a chunk of time. To do this quick, you can press CTRL – Shift – Delete (CMD – Shift – Delete if you’re using a Mac).

Tip #7 – Quickly Resize the Current Grid
Many times, you’ll want to resize the grid you are using. To do this on the fly, hold CTRL (CMD on Mac) and press a number from 1 through 4 on the keypad.

Tip #8 – Toggle Draw Mode when Editing MIDIs
When making music, you’ll be working a lot with MIDIs. To quickly toggle draw mode while editing a MIDI, simply press B on your keyboard.

Ableton Live 10 Shortcuts – More Tricks

Ableton is a massive music editing program. It takes a long time to get a firm grasp on all the various tools.

Knowing some tricks can make your time editing tracks a lot simpler.

So below you’ll find this list of links to useful videos.

They will show you how to master the same tricks used by well versed Ableton users, Certified Ableton Trainers and professional producers using Ableton Live 10.

10 Ableton Tricks and Tips
Top 10 Audio Effect Tricks with k-pizza
10 Ableton Tips, Tricks & Strategies by Seri
8 MIDI Effect Tips & Tricks in Ableton
10 Tips To Help You Master Live’s Drum Rack
Ableton Tutorial: Automation Line Tricks & Tips
Ableton Live Tips and Tricks – Deleting and Duplicating Time
Tips & Tricks: Ableton Live Automation
11 Ableton Tips Every Producer Should Know
10 Ableton Live Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss

Ableton Live 10 Shortcuts – Videos

If you’re interested to see how Ableton shortcuts work in action, or if you prefer a more visual way of learning them, then videos are a great resource.

We’ve put together a list of YouTube videos that will show and teach you a lot of cool and helpful shortcuts.

Ableton Live 10 – Top 10 New Features And Shortcuts

Live 10: Arrangement View Keyboard Shortcuts

Live 10: General Keyboard Shortcuts

The 20 Essential Ableton Shortcuts

10 Ableton Workflow Tips And Shortcuts

Ableton Live – Top Ten Shortcuts

Ableton Live – 10 Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

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BassGorilla Is Closing. Here’s Why.

You may know that we just finished our 5th Year Anniversary Remix Contest. We released the stems of finished tracks from three of our courses – a neuro dubstep track by Joe Ford, a future bass track by Killabyte and a glitch hop track by Slynk.

A shortlist of top entries will be announced in the next 24 to 48 hours, and the official winners will be announced on Monday 11th December. Prizes include a Moog Sub Phatty, Maschine Mikro, SubPac S2, and premium software tools from iZotope and FabFilter.


The last five years have been an amazing journey, but after careful consideration we’ve decided to close BassGorilla for the foreseeable future. Watch the video below to find out why.

If you’re surprised by this news and worried about missing out on the very best BassGorilla has to offer, there is some VERY good news – watch the video to find out more.

(After you watch this video, click here to find out how you can take advantage of this opportunity before we close)


Full details here:

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Music Theory Hacks – 5 Tips To Make Chord Progressions with Ableton Midi Effects


How to create chord progressions using Ableton’s MiDi Effects plugins.

Ableton Chord is a great midi effect that enables you to create a chord from a single note.

We start this tutorial by adding several legato notes in the Ableton piano roll, then we insert an instance of Ableton Chord.

The problem with this is that not all of the chords fit into the scale we are using (in this case, the minor scale).

So we insert an instance of Ableton Scale (midi effect) using the C Minor preset.

This will ensure that the chords produced by Ableton Chord all fit within the C minor scale.

However, we want F# Minor, so we adjust the settings in Ableton Scale.

Chord Progressions with Ableton Midi Effects

Next, we will create chord inversions to give this chord progression a better feel with smoother transitions.

To do this, we record the chord progression into a new midi track.

Some of the notes sound better when they are moved down an octave, making a smoother transition between the chords.

We can also adjust the velocities of individual and note length to create a much more natural feel.

The final tip in this video is to create a note that is one (or two) octave(s) below any of the notes within the main chord progression.


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Reverse Vocal Swell Trick in Ableton Live with GDLK

Greetings again Bassgorillas!!!

GDLK here again with some more Ableton inspired information. In this vid I show you how to do the oh-so important “Reverse Reverb Effect”. There is so many applications for this technique and if you dont know how its done, you’re going to really get a kick out of it and I bet it ends up in many of your future productions. Enjoy!

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Hip Hop Tutorial: How To Make Virtual Instruments Sound Vintage

In this tutorial John Hanson (aka Subterranean) will tell you how to take any piece of audio, and give it vintage grit and crunch. This popular sound can be achieved with some chosen processing.

Download the Project files


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Episode 040 – Interview with Los XL

LosXL, formerly member of the collab duo LocoMotive is a Mexican born producer/remixer, now residing in Washington D.C.

Los XL is currently holding down the DC Moombah, Trap and Urban Bass scene with 2016 being very promising for him. Here are some of his best releases this year. 2016 Releases.

Watch the interview below:

Follow Los XL here:

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Announcing SKOPE’s Brand New Project

The enormously talented Bass Music producer SKOPE has been turning heads over the last few months with his incredible Drum & Bass productions under the moniker Malux.

He has applied his expert level sound design skills and notorious mix downs from mid tempo music to the ultra fast 170+ BPM tempo of drum and bass.

The result is an exceedingly high quality take on the drum and bass genre, with a number of dance floor rippers already signed to Inspected and Bad Taste Recordings, with support from and collaborations with Crissy Criss and Erb n Dub.

If you haven’t heard any of these masterpieces yet, listen below:

Announcing Our Brand New 4-Week Interactive Online Workshop With SKOPE / Malux

Over the years, dozens of producers have come to me asking for advice on how to create music at the level of SKOPE.

This led to SKOPE creating several video courses exclusively for BassGorilla, as well as doing a 4-week interactive workshop last year.

This coming November, SKOPE will be running his 2nd 4-week interactive online workshop for a select group of passionate music producers who are serious about elevating their skills.

You will have a total of 12 hours together with SKOPE in a virtual online room, where you can watch inside his workstation as he reveals his entire process for writing, producing, mixing and mastering a bass heavy song from start to finish.

Would would it mean to you to spend 12 hours with an expert among experts?


The depth of knowledge and skills you will acquire from this is unprecedented, because you will be able to watch him producing in real time while asking him questions along the way. Imagine how much your music will improve.

If you would like to get on the early bird list, so you can get news ahead of time, and possible early-bird pricing on this upcoming workshop, simply enter your email address below and we will notify you as soon as the course is open for enrolment, before anyone else is even notified about it.

Warning: Time is a factor…


Due to the nature of this interactive online course, we are limiting the amount of places available so that each person has ample opportunity to interact with SKOPE in the workshops.

If we hit full capacity from the early bird list subscribers, we  will not announce the class to the general public.

So it is in your best interested to join the early bird list right now, so you don’t miss out.

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Ableton Live Sampling & Automation Tutorial

In this Ableton Live Sampling & Automation Tutorial I am going to walk through several ways to
sample a song or part of a song and one of the most important tools that Ableton Live offers
which is automation. When sampling it is important to find out what that particular sample will
affect the song you are trying to create. Many hip hop artists will sample vocals that can be
used in the background to give it that extra texture to the song. It is also very common to take
samples of instruments to help give your track or song more power.

So let’s begin with adding a song to Ableton Live and I will show you how to sample them in
different ways (I will be using Linda Scott’s “I’ve Told Every Little Star”):

1     2

*Note – The reason I prefer to take “Warp” off in this case is because when you are sampling
vocal tracks Ableton Live does not do a great job in synchronizing to the tempo of your song.
However, if it is instruments or “sounds” that you need to sample the “Warp” feature does a
decent job in adjusting to the tempo of your song without manually adjusting the sample track.

Now back to sampling the track manually – what I like to do is turn “Warp” back on and enable
the metronome in Ableton Live while listening to the sample track to ensure the song is in time
or beat to your song.


Now to make the process easier highlight the part of the song that you would like to sample
and clip the “Loop” button. This will allow you to work specifically on just that part or
arrangement of the song without having to keep hitting play. Once the track is on loop you can
let it play along with the metronome and hear what parts sound out of beat. When you identify
a part that is off beat you simply double click right above the wave file until a yellow icon
appears – these are called warp markers. After the warp marker has been placed you can drag
them to the left or right to get the timing down. As illustrated below I have found the section
of the song I would like to sample and adjusted the timing with the warp markers.


Next step is to right click on the sample and select “Crop Sample”.


This will cut the rest of the song and leaves you with only the sample that you want to use in
your mix.


Now the fun part is coming up – we are going to splice this sample into a midi track.

Right click on the sample and select “Slice to New Midi Track”

7 8

You will be prompted with a dialogue box. Make sure to select “Warp Marker” in the drop down box and hit “OK”

This will now create a new separate midi track with the samples chopped into the drum rack
where you can trigger using any midi controller. If you adjusted the warp markers correctly
each time you hit the notes assigned to your midi controller it will play on time.


This is how it should look like when playing the sample in the same order it was created.


Back to the dialogue box that prompted after clicking “Slice to New Midi Track”:


Where it says Slicing Preset: “Built-in”, if you click the drop down menu there are several
different options and you can even create your own so that it will save you time after sampling
several songs.

On to automation which in my opinion can really set the tone for your song. Automation will
allow you to do fade in/fade out, pitch, stereo panning, etc. Below is an example of how to use


In this example I picked “Gain” and then you are able to use the envelopes on the arrangement
view to adjust to your liking:


There are so many other effects that can be utilized in this fashion which is what makes Ableton
Live so easy and amazing at the same time. Feel free to experiment with different effects using
the automation.

Now that you have an idea on how to sample a song and effects automation there is an infinite
amount of possibilities to bring your music to a whole new level. Try all kinds of songs and
sample them even if you do not think it will fit your original idea – you would be surprised how
often samples will fit into your songs and make it sound better and unique. Thanks for reading
Ableton Live Sampling & Automation Tutorial.


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The Secret To Success As A Music Producer

[As you may know by now, yesterday we opened up 100 places to join the BassGorilla club as a Lifetime Member.

It’s no surprise that many of those places have been taken in the last 24 hours already… If you don’t want to miss out, go here to learn more.]

Today I want to share a story with you about something that I experienced a few years ago…

Back in 2012, I was desperate to get my music signed by a label and make an impact on more people.

To me, it was a personal goal that I was striving to achieve BADLY.


Because I wanted to prove to myself (and to my friends) that I was good enough to make the kind of music that record label owners would sign… I wanted my “TALENTS” to be recognized.

So I worked on my music extremely hard. I even took a full year off work to focus on my music. I kept approaching labels with my finished tracks.

But no matter how close I came, I would get NOWHERE.

Then, one day, I was feeling tired, stuck and frustrated.

So I reached out to someone. A person who had already accomplished the exact things I wanted to… A “mentor” if you will.

He took me under his wing and helped me to hone my music production skills. I made huge progress in a short space of time with his help.

Pretty soon, I released my first EP on a well respected record label and I hit the top 20 on BeatPort! I finally achieved what I wanted to, and I felt great!

So why am I sharing this story with YOU?

Very few people are born with special “talents”… Even those who go on to become world class athletes, nobel prize winning scientists, and yes, even famous music producers.

You see, skills can be learned and applied. It’s all about TAKING ACTION.

When we face resistance while trying to grow our skills, it’s easy to give up and think, “Oh well, it was never meant to be.”

That is a FATAL mistake if you want to succeed at anything in life. Any growth requires persistence.

But by far, the FASTEST way to accelerate your growth is to find someone who has already done what you want to achieve.

That person will show you the path to get there faster than trying to go it alone.

It was with this experience that I decided to create BassGorilla.

I wanted to create a place where anyone can access the knowledge and wisdom of proven experts, to accelerate their learning rapidly.

These days I’m so amazed when I see what our members are achieving. They grow from beginner / intermediate level, to advanced producers –

– getting their music signed,

– climbing the charts on BeatPort,

– getting recognized for their skills

…And that all comes from knowing how to make inspiring and amazing music!

Our “Backstage Pass” platform provides you with a treasure trove of the newest ways to make cutting-edge music, taught by cutting-edge producers…

For the next 7 days, we have a very exclusive opportunity available for a limited number of action takers.

Because we only want the most motivated and passionate producers to be a part of our community, we are limiting the number of available spots to just 100.

So if you’re serious about taking action to give your music a serious lift quickly, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this.

Go here to learn more

Hope to see you on the inside very soon,


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Only 100 Of These Are Available…

Hey, it’s Luke here from BassGorilla.

In the last week, we’ve had over 1,149 people take part in the BassGorilla Resampling Challenge, and the results have been brilliant! 

The doors closed for new entries last night. Since then my team and I have been going through everyone’s entries. There have been some amazing tracks sent in! The winner of the Arturia Keylab midi keyboard will be announced next Monday. 

To follow up, we’ve opened up 100 places available for you to get a Lifetime membership to BassGorilla.

Go here to find out more about BassGorilla Lifetime Memberships

As you may know, BassGorilla’s Backstage Pass gives you access to the most cutting-edge music production methods, taught by world famous producers and industry professionals.

Usually, the only way to get access is through a monthly subscription, which means you lose access once you cancel your subscription. 

What does a Lifetime Membership do for you? 

Not only does it give you lifelong access to all current courses in our tutorial library, but all future courses as well! 

That means no subscriptions, no losing access when you cancel, plus lifelong access to our exclusive members-only community, so you can ask questions, get new ideas, make friends with like-minded producers and enjoy your experience on a much deeper level, for the rest of your life!

Why are we limiting it to 100 places only?

We’ve done this because of several reasons:

1. We only want the most motivated action takers to take advantage of this opportunity.

2. The pricing of our Lifetime Membership is ridiculously low, especially compared to the value you’ll get from it. We can’t afford to let more than 100 people get a Lifetime Membership, or it could hurt our business.

When Is The Deadline?

The doors close on Tuesday 26th July at 11:59PM Pacific time…


If 100 people join us before that date, we will close the doors before the deadline.

Who Is This For? Who Is It Not For? 

This is for you if you:

  • Want to give yourself an unfair advantage over other producers and accelerate your skills faster
  • Want to learn directly from proven experts, who regularly release EPs on labels and are often smashing the BeatPort charts 
  • Want to make more impact on more people with your music and possibly even get your music signed by a label in the future

This is not for people who:

  • Aren’t willing to learn new things
  • Don’t want to make professional quality music
  • Complain and blame others when they don’t succeed
  • Are not willing to try applying what they’ve learned to their own music

I hope to see you join the club soon!


P.S. I’ll let you know many places are available as we get closer to the deadline (Tuesday 26th July at 11:59PM Pacific time). If we get to 100 new lifetime members before then, we’ll close the doors early. So hurry! Join the club today, while there’s still time!

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