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Introducing the Winners of 2018s Defected Mix Competition

The ballots have been cast, the votes in, and we can now reveal the winners of this year’s Point Blank x Defected Mix Competition. We had more entries than ever before this year and more than we even hoped for so firstly we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to apply and send us your mixes. With almost 600 entrants, it required almost a month of man hours to listen to all of the mixes, and we enjoyed hearing them all. After whittling the list down to a final shortlist of 10, it was over to the famed A&R department at Defected to decide which three mixes would take the podium and which overall winner would win a slot to play at this year’s Defected Croatia festival alongside the likes of Basement Jaxx, Derek Carter, Honey Dijon and Masters at Work.

Without further ado – here are the winners:

  1. Vin Postega
  2. Lambert & Handle
  3. DJ TQ

When we contacted the winners to let them know how they had got on, we asked them to tell us a bit about their mixes and what it means to win. Read on to find out, and to listen to each mix in full.

Vin Postega

With a love of all things groovy, Vin Postega moves through house, disco, soul and jazz in his sets, with a few curveballs thrown in for good measure. His winning mix managed to nicely represent modern house music while retaining a classic feel, and of course just sound fun – one you could instantly imagine against the stunning backdrop of the Adriatic.

On winning, Vin had this to say: “Winning the Defected Competition and playing among all of my heroes is absolute a dream come true!”

Keep up with Vin on SoundCloud.

Lambert & Handle

Having met in Poland after many years of DJing and working in music individually (Handle worked at Ultra Records in New York and Lambert was first released as far back as 2000 on Sony Records), these two veterans joined forces in 2016 under their shared love of disco and of course house. On their Defected mix they said the following.

“We have been fans of Defected since its early years. It is our big dream to get signed by Simon’s label one day. Our goal was to deliver at least 18 quality house tracks in the set, carefully building the track order not forgetting about harmony, cool more obscure tracks to mix together. The set opens with our own edit specially revised for the set, it grows along the whole time, from the groovy, summer vibes to tech themes. It reflects some of the gigs we’ve played in Poland recently. We really enjoyed working on it.”

Lambert & Handle are on SoundCloud.


Hailing from NYC and infusing his Caribbean roots, hip-hop influence, and soulful style into his sets, along with the spirit and energy of his home city, T.Q. has spent most of his career putting his own spin on drum and bass. With hundreds of gigs under his belts a more innate connection with the dancefloor has been cultivated, and in recent years T.Q. has turned his attention to the world of house music, and on the basis of this mix, we won’t be surprised if he takes that game by storm too. Here’s what he thought of the competition and his entry:

“They say the 3rd time’s the charm, well for me it was four because that is how many times I recorded my entry for the 2018 Defected x Point Blank Mix Competition. I’ve spent over 200 USD simply on gathering tracks. Being that I’m in commute for most of my day (via subway, LIRR, or car), I have time to listen to so much music. I pay attention to what Sam Divine (and her occasional guest DJ) plays – I wanted to be sure that I didn’t include any of those tracks in my mix and bring as much originality and emotion to your headphones as possible. This was the most challenging and rewarding part of the entire competition.”

Follow DJ T.Q. here.


Honourable mention goes to vinculum, who’s genre-bending set was a favourite among the listeners here at PB.

Feeling inspired? We teach DJing at all levels here at Point Blank, and this is just one of many opportunities open to our students. We’ve recently added our first degree course in DJing, quality assured by Middlesex University, launching next academic year. That is the BA (Hons) in Music Production and DJ Practice For more information or to book a studio tour, contact us on +44 20 7729 4884.

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Student Success April 2018: Wendy Bevan, Sara Simms, 1-800-Disco & Caspar Leopard

Welcome back to another edition of Point Blank Student Success. This month we’ve got a bumper edition, catching up with four students and alumni to talk about some of the exciting things they’ve been up to. We compile these every month showcasing students that have studied with us for any length of time and at any of our locations:  LondonLos AngelesIbizaMumbai and Online.

Wendy Bevan (!K7, Unknown Pleasures) – Music Production (LA)

Wendy Bevan is a musician and producer who creates haunting atmospheric pieces and skewed gothic pop songs. Her latest track, ‘Falling’ was premiered by XLR8R.

Could you tell me how you discovered Point Blank?

I was introduced to Point Blank whilst researching courses online, I then realised that some of my friends had also studied here, and highly recommended it. So, I decided to sign up for some courses and try it out myself. I love learning new skills and Point Blank have so many top courses to choose from.

How much previous experience with making music had you had when you studied with us?

I have made music for many years and most recently released my debut album Rose and Thorn, on Kwaidan/ !K7 records, and had a couple of EP’s come out too. Rose and Thorn bought together dark pulsing electronic synths, minimalist post-punk basslines and featured live strings from the Balanescu Quartet.

Are there any things you’ve learned with us that really stick in the memory?

The main thing that I’ve learnt is that there’s an amazing community of artists out there who are supportive of one another. Point Blank encourages a very nurturing environment within the community both online and at school. It’s important to remember you are not alone and no matter what stage of your career there are always great new things to learn.

So you’ve obviously had a few releases now, how did you go about getting your first tracks signed?

I’d worked on a variety of different projects prior to having my first tracks signed as a solo artist. My debut album Rose and Thorn came out at the end of 2016 on French label Kwaidan and !K7. It was produced by Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague) who also runs Kwaidan. Marc is someone I had collaborated with for quite sometime before we released this record and it felt like a natural progression in our already established working relationship.

You’ve just dropped ‘Falling’ which was premiered on XLR8R – can you talk me through the track a little? Anything that’s interesting conceptually or technically about how it was made.

‘Falling’ was written earlier this year while I was in Joshua Tree, CA and recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Robert Harder.

Like a lot of my songs, the lyrics are a theatricalisation of a series of real encounters. It is quite a sad song but juxtaposed by the track which is pretty upbeat and the direct delivery of the vocal its uplifting rather than melancholic. I really love this song, it means a lot to me to have it out there in the world. The EP is [out] June 1st, and it will be released on Unknown Pleasures, with a remix of Falling by Hante and an extra bonus track entitled Wild Swan, produced by Bruno Coviello (formerly Light Asylum).

We’re hoping this is the start of a new album cycle for you – is that the case? If so, any details you can share?

Yes, it certainly is but I cant share any details just at this moment, all top secret!! #watchthisspace

Follow Wendy on Twitter and Instagram.

Caspar Leopard (The Happy Genius, No. 1 Baltic Place) – Music Production and Sound Engineering Diploma

Caspar Leopard is a London-based composer, producer and filmmaker. In January he won a Lift Off Global Network award for his film score of ‘The Happy Genius’. In February he launched his own label with his debut release ‘The Restoration EP’.

Firstly, can you tell me about the award you won in January?

The Lift-Off Global Network has an annual awards ceremony which selects works for each category from the 11 film festivals internationally that they organise.
I was very happy to be awarded ‘Best Score’ at the 2018 awards for my score for ‘The Happy Genius’ – a film written and directed by Hannah Mckibbin. I’ve only been composing for the film for a few years and this was actually the first film score I wrote.

I understand you and your brother run a studio together – what can you tell me about the kind of projects that have been going on recently?

Orlando and I set up the studio about 6 years ago ( – it started as a rehearsal space for our bands and a small recording studio setup. Over the years it’s grown into a bigger operation as we’ve slowly collected more gear and put in a proper console. We now run the studio commercially – recent artists include: Liam Gallagher, Jessie Ware, Rolling Stones, Bjork, James Bay and Florence & The Machine.

How did you come to find Point Blank?

I was at university in Bristol DJing at a lot of techno nights and spending my free time trying to learn music production. I decided to find a production course I could do in my summer holiday’s to speed up the learning process – Point blank was a great intro into the world of electronic production.

What was the biggest thing you took from your studies?

That studying was a great starting point but that it takes a lot of time and effort to make a mark in the music world. While the instructors at Point Blank can teach you the basic theory and point you in the right direction, it’s up to you to put in the hours to make a career out of it.

Any projects on the go that you would like people to know about?

2018 is an exciting year as I’ve got quite a few projects coming out this year which have been in production for a while now. As well as the EP, I’m composing a few more film scores and I’ve just finished making a surreal dark fairy tale short film I’ve co-written and co-directed called ‘The Blood Bride’ which will be hitting the film festivals later in the year.

Follow Caspar on Twitter and SoundCloud.

Craig White (1-800-Disco, Disco Express) – Complete DJ & More

Craig White is a DJ who plays Disco, House and Electro and runs The Disco Express in Shoreditch, London, which celebrated its first year back in February.

Could you tell me how you discovered Point Blank?

I started taking DJing a bit more seriously moving from the bedroom to DJing out and I knew I needed to add more skills to my repertoire. Point Blank was perfect.

How much previous experience with making music had you had before you studied with us?

Before studying with you I had no previous experience in making music. The courses at Point Blank are great as they cater for people like me starting out with making music with no real knowledge of how tracks are put together.

Are there any things you’ve learned with us that really stick in the memory?

I think learning music theory was one of the biggest things. I’d never considering mixing in key before until i started at point blank. Also having access to all of the top of the range pioneer gear was a massive help in learning all of the functions of the CDJ’s and DJM’s and the tricks you can do with them.

The party you run, Disco Express, has recently celebrated its first birthday. Can you tell me about what the night is about? How did you get started?

Tom Lily, a friend of mine who DJ’s under the name Bustin Loose, had the idea for the night just over a year ago. It’s based on a love of Disco music and takes a lot of inspiration from David Mancuso’s loft parties in New York back in the 70’s. Tom brought me in as a resident and I play every month. It’s really growing: the birthday was incredible, we had Eli Escobar over from New York.

How is your own music making going?

I’ve just finished the Maschine course at Point Blank which has enabled me to jam out ideas really easily so i’m looking forward to continuing with that. I recently just moved to Berlin to work on music production full time and really focus everything I have into making some good music. I’m doing the online sound design as we speak and have just acquired a new synth so watch this space!

Is there anything coming up in the future that you are particularly excited by?

Other than my monthly residency at The Disco Express. I’ve got a couple of big roof top parties on at the South Place hotel (APWU) and then Dalston roof park (Pop on over) which will be a great way to kick off the summer! I’m also playing Bermondsey social club for the first time which looks like a sick venue.

Follow Craig on Facebook and SoundCloud

Sara Simms (Simmetry Sounds, Mixed In Key) – Introduction to Music Production (Logic)

Sara is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ who also handles PR for the software company Mixed in Key.

Could you tell me how you discovered Point Blank?

I discovered Point Blank a few years ago when I was searching for an online music production school to attend. At that time, Point Blank offered a Minimal Techno online course that really appealed to me.

How much previous experience in music had you had when you studied with us?

As a child, I studied piano and music theory with my Mum. When I was a teenager, I transitioned into playing the guitar and studied rock and later jazz. I had a brief stint in the Jazz Guitar program at Humber College in Toronto, but I found myself spending more time
on the decks than on the guitar. I ended up dropping out of college to pursue DJing on a full-time basis. I learned the art of turntablism from DJ mentors and have a degree in Audio Engineering from the Harris Institute of the Arts.

Are there any things you learned with us that really stick in the memory?

I learned a lot at Point Blank about creating bass lines for techno and programming drums. I also remember my teacher at Point Blank taught me how to parallel compress the drums so they sound huge.

Tell me about getting a Management position with Mixed In Key. How did that come about?

I’ve been a fan Mixed of Key for over a decade. I immediately loved the concept of the software; I come from a musical background and harmonic mixing made a lot of sense to me.

What else have you been up to? Any recent performances you’ve really enjoyed?

I’m always DJing and producing; a few recent performance highlights include playing at ADE on
SpinZinn’s live broadcast at the Allen and Heath booth and playing on Detroit’s 313.FM. I’ve been playing in Toronto’s techno scene and this year played at a Box of Kittens event, at Toronto’s longest running electronic event Architextures, at Nightshift on live broadcasts at CTRL Room and Invisible City Records. I also write Traktor articles for the Native Instruments blog and for DJ gear/equipment reviews and production tips for Ask.Audio.

What’s in the pipeline? Anything you’re particularly excited by?

I’m excited to release two upcoming tracks with Desiire, a Toronto based R&B/soul singer. He’s a great artist and is also my stylist. It’s exciting that our relationship is developing in new ways and we’re working on music together. Our first track, ‘Fading’, is quite Disclosure influenced and is musically different than anything either of us has released. Look for it out on my label Simmetry Sounds later this year.

Follow Sara on Instagram and SoundCloud

Successes such as these are not uncommon among our students and alumni, and the common denominator is Point Blank. We can teach you how to DJ like the best of them at any of our schools. If you’d like to learn how to produce, then we can build your skills from the ground up. Our most comprehensive course, our BA (Hons) in Music Production and Sound Engineering is accredited by Middlesex University, as is our online alternative. For more information contact us via our contact page.

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Exploring The Roots Of Dance: Part 1 – Disco

pjimage copy

We’re catapulting into 2017 with a brand new series, giving you a sneak peek of our Production Analysis module which features as just a small part of our BA (Hons) Music Production & Sound Engineering degree course. In this series we’ll be documenting some of the most significant cultural movements in musical history and their contribution to the evolution of electronic music and the music industry. In the first part of the series, we delve into the roots of dance music, taking a look at one of the most important counter-cultural scenes of the 20th century, Disco.

Disco first gained popularity in the mid-1970’s, with its roots founded in Philadelphia and New York where many Proto-Disco acts such as Gil Scott-Heron, First Choice, Isaac Hayes and MFSB were beginning to emerge in the mid 60’s / early 70’s. Tracks like MFSB’s ‘Love Is The Message’ and Gil Scott-Heron’s ‘The Bottle’ were some of the first to have that particular groove that made them a hit at early Disco events. Influenced by Psychedelia, Funk, and Soul groups such as Sly and the Family Stone and Archie Bell, these musicians, along with the rise of urban gay culture in New York City, shaped the sound of what we recognise today as Disco.

The LGBT community was pivotal in the rise of Disco, pioneering some of the first parties to embrace these sounds. However, it didn’t come easy. The gay community was incredibly oppressed, and there were few clubs or bars for people to go to without fear of harassment. The Stonewall Inn, a mafia-run bar in Greenwich Village was one of the first gay bars in New York City. At the time, a New York by-law banned two or more men from dancing together and police would often raid venues and attempt to shut down events. However on June 28th, 1969, a morning raid didn’t go exactly as planned. Patrol wagons were late in turning up and with no way to transport arrested patrons the growing crowd grew restless, tired of the inequalities they were constantly subjected to. Fights against the police broke out, leading to days of rioting and protesting. Eventually, the law was repealed, marking a significant victory for the LGBT community and essentially jumpstarting Disco.

Stonewall Riots, June 28, 1969 (2)

Protesters clash with Police at the 1969 Stonewall Riots.

Venues like The Loft and Paradise Garage began to pop up, with the Loft being credited as the first venue to really push the disco/proto disco sound. These private, strictly members-only events took place in DJ David Manusco’s apartment and provided a space for the gay community to enjoy themselves without fear of harassment. Frequented by House legends Frankie Knuckles and Larry Levan, The Loft’s impact on the Disco scene can be viewed as a crucial catalyst in the birth and rise of House & Techno. These events in the late 60’s and early 70’s laid the foundation of Disco and gave birth to a whole generation of legendary artists such as Nile Rodgers, German producer & synth-maestro Giorgio Moroder, as well as singers like Donna Summer, Cherelle, Grace Jones and Patrice Rushen.

paradise garageThe dancefloor at New York’s Paradise Garage.

By the end of the 70’s Disco was firmly in the mainstream, and was bringing electronica and synthesis with it. Whilst early Disco, Proto-Disco and Funk relied on the unique groove of a studio drummer and more traditional instrumentation, artists like Giorgio Moroder adopted a more modern approach; using drum machines and synthesisers for a more rigid, pumping rhythm and to create dreamy, ethereal soundscapes. Donna Summers’ classic ‘I Feel Love’ is a prime example of this. Check out this fantastic footage from Top Of The Pops in 1977, where you can instantly recognise the hallmark sounds of modern techno and in which ‘I Feel Love’ features second. Also, don’t forget to check out our Production courses, on which you’ll comprehensively learn about synthesis and have access to a range of drum machines, synthesizers, midi controllers and more.

From a production perspective, early Disco invariably incorporated a strong, pumping four-on-the-floor beat, with 8th and 16th note hi hat patterns. These would roll under a prominent syncopated bass line, driving the track forwards and helping to create that instantly recognizable, highly danceable groove. Rhythm guitarists would typically play in a ‘Chicken Scratch’ style, lightly pressing the strings against the fretboard and quickly releasing them. Orchestral instruments, usually strings and brass sections, solidified the sound, often adding classic soul arrangements using a rich background and defined solo melodies. The vocals would create the human touch within disco tracks, with vocalists usually singing about love, dancing, or other themes of escapism. It was later on when Disco truly embraced the use of synthesizers, and drum machines, particularly towards the end of the 70’s and into the early 80’s. On our degree courses you will learn about the fundamentals of FM, Digital and Analogue synthesis and on our music composition module you’ll work on your song writing and arrangement skills, a key aspect of top Disco tracks.

studio 54

Partygoers queue up outside Studio 54.

Disco also revolutionised the role of the DJ and musicians like Francis Grasso and Nicky Siano were some of the first to really start to remix and re-edit tracks, using reel- to-reel tape machines to add new sections and sounds, manipulating tracks and using two turntables so they could mix more seamlessly when performing (a skill you’ll learn on our Complete DJ course). The rise of club culture associated with Disco meant the role of the DJ was much more important, and shaped the way the modern DJ is represented today. Clubs like Tenth Floor, 12 West and the infamous Studio 54 pushed the boundaries of the clubbing experience and helped to set the tone for the future of dance music and club culture. There is no doubt that without Disco, modern dance music as we know it today would not exist.


Giorgio Moroder with his Moog modular synthesizer.

At Point Blank, we go over all of the content you would need to cover to employ key musical and production techniques to your own music, whether you want to make Disco, Hip-Hop, EDM, Techno or anything else for that matter. Our BA (Hons) Music Production & Sound Engineering Degree can provide you with the tools necessary to take your productions above and beyond. With modules on Sound design, Mixing, DAWs, Composition, Djing, Music Business, Engineering, Mastering and more you will leave us overflowing with knowledge, kick starting your career in music and leaving you in good stead moving forwards. Using our London studios incredible facilities, you will have access to all sorts of hardware, from synthesizers and samplers to full recording booths. For a virtual tour, click here.

studio1_carpetStudio 1 at Point Blank London, featuring a 48-Channel SSL mixing console.

For further information on our degree course or any of our courses, contact our Course Advisors here or call 0207 729 488 or, if you’re in the USA, give us a call on 323 282 7660. If you’re calling internationally, use the number +44 20 7729 4884. Want to see firsthand the amazing facilities offered by Point Blank? You can book a space on one of our studio tours by heading here.

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Dubspot Radio Rewind: Wiseacre (Emerald Isle Dream Bump Mix)

This episode of Dubspot Radio hits the play button on a soulful diversely influenced house set mixed up by the Venice California native, Wiseacre.


With an appreciation for fine tunes ranging from the Balkans to Brooklyn, Wiseacre pushes for a genreless and unsegmented party scene. The 20 year Venice resident has approached that vision through the parties he’s co-founded in LA such as Funky In The Middle, Sundaze, and the underground event theLIFT. In 2003, Eric Tucker aka Wiseacre set aside his career as a talented commercial and fine art photographer to pursue life behind as a DJ. Since then, he’s either booked or played with a wide cast of people like Louie Vega, Black Coffee, Mr. Scruff, Rich Medina, Dam Funk, and DJ Sabo. Although California is his home, he lives a bi-costal existence while working to open a club in New York’s Lower East Side with Nickodemus called Louie and Chan. To offer a taste of his DJ sets, Wiseacre has shared his new Emerald Isle Dream Bump mixtape with Dubspot featuring a mix of soulful diversely influenced house music.




1. Slow Hands – Rough Patch
2. Locussolus – Next to You
3. Johnwaynes – The One
4. Michael J Collins – Nothing Wrong With Holding On
5. Roska, Jamie George – Wonderful Day (Dave Nada Moombahton Edit)
6. Randolph – Leanin (Deetron Remix)
7. Johnwaynes – Get Up
8. A Mountain of One – Bones (Time & Space Machine Remix)
9. Sect – Man of Wisdom
10. Kasper Bjorke – Heaven
11. Kaine – Love Saves The Day (Soul Clap Remix)
12. Bad Rabbits – She’s Bad (Gadi Mizrahi, Soul Clap Remix)
13. Henrik Schwarz – Once Again (Soulphiction Remix)
14. Discodeine – Falkenberg (Pilooski Remix)
15. Ilhan Ersahin – Bosphorus (Etienne Jaumet Remix)
16. Phil Weeks – That’s All Right With Me


About Wiseacre

Born into the lovely environs of suburban lands lying to the East of Los Angeles and raised on frozen food, meat, and the religious right, Eric Tucker aka Wiseacre finds himself happily free yet equally inspired by it all. While living in the Seaside Republic of Venice for 20 years, Wiseacre established a successful career as a commercial/fine art photographer. In 2003, he decided to pick up some vinyl, a couple of turntables, a mixer, two speakers, and a few friends to begin the labor of love we call “throwin’ parties.” Since then, Wiseacre has put his love for photography on hold to co-created three very successful LA parties, FUNKY IN THE MIDDLE, CUSTOM SUNDAZE, and now theLIFT, which after one year has expanded to San Francisco and New York. He has hosted and played along side such talents as Gilles Peterson, Danny Krivit, Nickodemus, Louie Vega, Joe Clausell, Osunlade, Black Coffee, Mark Farina, Mr. Scruff, Quantic, Marques Wyatt, King Britt, Mad Mats, Ron Trent, Doc Martin, Simbad, Nick Curly, Domu, Karizma, Ian Friday, Rich Medina, Spinna, Boddhi Satva, Dam Funk, Cut Chemist, Recloose, Makossa + Megablast, Dj Garth, J Rocc, Mark Rae, Federico Aubele, Dj Vadim, Mark De Clive Lowe, Vikter Duplaix, 7 Samurai, Daz-I-Kue, Dj Day, And The One And Only Jeremy Sole. Currently, Wiseacre is living a bi-coastal existence between LA and NYC. While theLIFT continues to thrive in Los Angeles and beyond, he is also simultaneously designing and building a restaurant/club called LOUIE and CHAN in the lower East side of New York. Here Wiseacre continues his quest to bridge genres of music and people, creating a scene that is not exclusive or segmented, but rather one that simply appreciates “fine tunes.” The selections Wiseacre chooses to share are deep and wide from Brooklyn to the Balkans and South America to Sweden ranging from house to disco to afro-latin broken beat and dub. In short, Wiseacre loves life and adores his daughter Zoe.


DJ Extensive Program

Immerse yourself in the complete art of DJing: from the fundamentals of beatmatching and mixing to using effects and programming extended club sets. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to learn fundamentals or a seasoned pro looking to take your talent to the next level, our curriculum is designed to accommodate all skill levels and styles of music. This comprehensive DJ program covers everything from basic mixing to advanced digital DJing with both Serato Scratch Live and Traktor Scratch Pro.

Click here to view the embedded video.

About This Program

At Dubspot you’ll be working at personal student workstations equipped with industry standard and cutting-edge technology: Technics SL-1200 / 1210 series turntables, Pioneer CDJs, Pioneer DJM or Rane TTM mixers, Apple iMacs and MacBook Pros, Native Instruments’ Traktor Scratch Pro, Serato Scratch Live, vinyl, CDs, timecode, and MIDI controllers.

Our instructors teach you the necessary techniques and draw on their vast collective experience to give you insight into the mindset, workflow, and art of DJing. Graduates of the DJ Extensive Program will have an opportunity to perform at an event in a New York City venue, organized and promoted by Dubspot together with you and your fellow students. At Dubspot, we want you to do more than just learn. We want you to be great at doing what you love. Let us help you get there!

What’s Included

  • DJ Level 1: Rookie Sessions | Essentials I
  • DJ Level 2: Phrase Mixing | Essentials II
  • DJ Level 3: Beyond The Blend | Intermediate Skills
  • DJ Level 4: Preparation | DJ Psychology
  • DJ Level 5: Classroom to the Club | Advanced Techniques I
  • DJ Level 6: Club to the World | Advanced Techniques II

Additional Information

Visit the DJ course page for detailed information on this program here.

If you have questions, please call 877.DUBSPOT or send us a message.


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