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Georgia: All Kind Music

What is a career in music these days? The ideal of “making it” that many of us have encompasses creative freedom, outlets for our artistic expression, public adulation and financial security. Yet this dream is so difficult to square with the harsh reality that being a music-maker is often neither…

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DeLaurentis: Classical French Touch

As a company that makes musical instruments, we’re always fascinated (not to mention very gratified) when we see an artist totally master something we’ve created. That’s why when the first videos of DeLaurentis’ virtuosic Push performances began appearing online a few years ago, we knew this was an artist to…

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Anomalie: Keys, Chords and Beats

Is that a jazz ensemble playing in the pocket, or talented studio wizardry? For the aptly-named Anomalie, the answer is often “both, and then some”. Born Nicolas Dupuis, Anomalie emerged from the fruitful Montreal music scene, where immersion in jazz, hip-hop, and electronic music all informed his unique style. He…

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Tuamie: In a Place to Make the Music

Long before putting out two instrumental releases through the Street Corner Music label, performing a live set at the Boiler Room, producing the entirety of the popular Emergency Raps series, and lacing an official Freddie Gibbs-assisted remix for Fly Anakin and Koncept Jackson, Atlanta-based producer and Mutant Academy member Tuamie’s…

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Juana Molina: From Sketches to Songs

Being a comedian requires flying by the seat of your pants, adapting, and pulling brilliance out of what can be an awkward and anxiety-ridden experience. Since the same can be said of musical improvisation, it’s not surprising to learn that, before she made her name as a shape-shifting electronically-enhanced singer-songwriter,…

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