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Q&A with Proudly People

Tell me about your musical background. How did you wind up producing electronic music?

Everything started mid october 2011, date when Proudly people born. At that time we wanted to bring together sounds we’ve been focusing on to compose the story of our tracks.

Our first track got inspiration from  people like tINI, Yaya, Enzo Siragusa or every single dj that was playing this rolling slow and deep tech house.

From the beginning we knew and we wanted to create our own music , to make it unique so people could instantly recognise our touch.

At some point the electronic scene has been producing to similar EPs, and that kind of style started to lose a bit of its charm and originality. Thats why when we start to have this feeling, we generally worked on new projects influenced by new flow of inspirations. Thats how we ended up moving on a Tech House full of synths and shaky rhythms.

For someone who has never heard Proudly People’s music before, can you explain what they can expect?

We will warn him to get ready to listen to Warm Bass, Strong Drums, Vocals, Background sounds and all this surrounded by the synths.

What DAW you prefer?

When we started to produce, we discussed a lot about this point, for us the best way is always to compose our ideas in the fastest way we can. After testing different softwares we decided that Ableton Live is the one for us.

Sometimes inspirations come once and it’s important to produce it on the spot so you don’t lose it.

What’s your opinion in using loops and samples

You can use loops, samples, you can cut them, but never forget that they come from other people works.

Knowing that you must work on them like a proper sound designer. In that way you will always avoid doing simple copy/paste coming from other producers.

What piece of hardware you can’t live without? Why?

We started using analog machines 2 years ago. We bought our first proper audio interface and some cool stuff to create strong drums and fat basses but undoubtedly you must try once in your “producer life” the Moog’s sound lab.

Tell us a little secret about a technique you are using in your music?

Well, there is not a specific rule in what we do, for sure the most important thing is to create every single sound in the best way you can. 

Another important aspect that we always handle in our music, is the mix.

The mix helps you to clear the sounds, to open it in a stereo image, in fact with a clear mix you can understand more what the artist try to pass down to the people.

We got also a lot of requests about our way to work the kick and bass and why we use reverb in our sub frequencies.

Generally the kick and bass are mono, to be more precise if you use a stereo analyzer, you cut the mid sounds after you put kick and bass in solo, you have no sounds on the side. 

We do often experiments, for example recently we wanted to see what happened if you open a reverb on a distorted kick and bass. The sensation is to have a fat kick and bass, that they spread out.

Can you give an advice for new producers and sound designers ?

Our best advice to new producers would be to apply our first and only rule: Always create something unique, it is the only way to get support and consideration from the music scene.

And to achieve that: test, test and test more so you always end up with new amazing sounds.

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