How to produce a deep house track in Ableton Live

How to produce a Deep House track in Ableton Live

We’ve been researching for a list with some of the best free tutorials online for producing a deep house track from scratch in Ableton Live. Sadowick Production made a great tutorial available on youtube. Extra tools you will need: Waves plugins & Sylenth.

Project Checklist In Ableton Live

Before starting a project in Ableton Live don’t forget this checklist:

  • Create Folder
    You create a folder inside the Ableton folder or in a location of your choice.
  • Save Project
    Before you continue you must open Ableton Live and save your project. You go to “File” and then “Save Live Set As…”
  • Bit Depth
    Setting the bit depth at 24bit by going to Live – Preferences – Record – Bit Depth
  • Sample Rate
    Setting the sample rate to 48.000 hetrz by going to Live – Preferences – Audio – In/Out Sample Rate
    When you save a file you want it to be a lossless and uncompressed type of file. It is preferable to save as WAV or AIFF. Ableton Live supports both this types and you can set this by going to:
    Live – Preferences – Record – File Type
  • Setting Buffer Size
    Before starting your work you need to set the buffer size, that is how many samples per second you want the DAW to send to the D/A converter. A low buffer size reduces latency but also reduces the plug-ins and synthesizers you can use. In Ableton I will set the buffer size to 128 samples by going to: Live – Preferences – Audio – Buffer Size

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