Unique and creative underground electronic music loops and samples for modern producers.

Dubspot Sounds V4: Free Sample Pack by Mike Kiraly

Dubspot and New York-based producer, sound designer, and audio engineer Mike Kiraly present Dubspot Sounds V4, a FREE collection of handcrafted Chord Collages, Hybrid Kick Drums, and Breakbeats suited for any genre.

Dubspot Sounds

Dubspot Sounds V4 by Mike Kiraly

For this edition of Dubspot Sounds, Mike Kiraly melded music technology and uniquely captured sounds with clever sound design approaches to craft a brilliant selection of sonically enhanced samples suited for any genre.

Get inspired with carefully designed chord phrases that are distinctive, unusual, and melodic. Mike also employed multiple instruments, processors, and techniques to design a collection of layered, hybrid kick drums with a goal to capture the grit and mid-range heft of electronic kick drums found on older recordings combined with the depth and precision of modern drum sounds. Also included is a selection of breakbeats mixed to perfection, and sculpted with the finest analog gear for the fullest and fattest sound possible.

Sample Pack Details

  • All loops are tempo-labeled
  • Royalty-Free
  • 163 MB Download
  • 65 24-bit / 44.1 kHz Wav files
  • 20 Chord Collages
  • 30 Hybrid Kick Drums
  • 15 Breakbeats




The Story Behind the Creation Process by Mike Kiraly

Dubspot Sounds

Cut The Chord

This group of samples began life as a collection of basic chord progressions recorded from a variety of analog and digital synths. These original samples were intentionally boring. No effort was made to created complicated patches or modulation routings. I wanted simple samples to be used as raw material for more complex collages of sound. To develop musically coherent riffs, I organized the raw samples based on the underlying scale of the raw chords. Once grouped together, I began cutting, pasting, and processing to create looping chord phrases that were distinctive, unusual, and yet still melodic.

Gear Used: Modal Electronics 001, Modor NF-1, DSI Prophet 12, Akai AX60, Roland V-Synth, Native Instruments Reaktor, Sherman Filterbank 2, Eventide Eclipse, Yamaha SPX2000, Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph

Modor NF-1

Old School? New School? Both?

There can be something magical about the drum sounds heard on early house and techno records. I couldn’t say for certain, but I suspect that the raw power originates from multiple factors. The character was surely influenced by not only the machines they were created on but also the methods used to record them. Classic drum machines, early samplers, cheap mixing desks, multi-track cassette recorders, and vinyl pressings would be just some of the contributing factors involved in why these drum sounds had such impact.

Dubspot Sounds

However, no matter how amazing those samples sounded back then, they can come up lacking when compared to current tracks. Here I employed multiple instruments, processors, and techniques to design a collection of layered, hybrid kick drums. The goal was to capture the grit and mid-range heft of electronic kick drums found on older recordings and then combine them with the depth and precision of modern drum sounds. Vintage analog machines sampled with an MPC are partnered with digital kicks recorded through pristine preamps. Chopped up vinyl samples married to modern synthesized sounds. I tried whatever I could to unite both the old and the new.

Gear Used: Technics 1200, Akai MPC 2000XL, Elektron RYTM, Elektron Machinedrum, Vermona DRM mkIII, Nord Drum 2, Neve 1073LB, Rupert Neve Designs 542, API 535-LA, API 2500, Drawmer 1978, Empirical Labs Distressor, Bettermaker 502P

Give Me a Break

I like breakbeats. That’s all I have to say about that.

Gear Used: Elektron RYTM, Elektron Machinedrum, Vermona DRM mkIII, Nord Drum 2, Olympia Noise Co. Patterning, Roland Octapad & TR-8, Native Instruments Maschine, UA 2-610, API 550b, API 2500, Eventide H9, Roland Scooper, Mutable Instruments Clouds, TipTop Audio Z-DSP

Dubspot Sounds


About Mike Kiraly

Mike Kiraly

Mike Kiraly has spent the past ten years absorbing everything he could about the tools and techniques of his trade as a producer, sound designer, and engineer based in New York City. Currently dividing his time between personal productions and freelance engineering for other artists, Mike has amassed over 50 credits on a wide variety of releases since 2007. His unique production ethic has always gravitated towards an intricate approach, relying heavily on imaginative sound design. The last four years have seen his portfolio broaden in scope, including on-site work as an audio and video cable technician for NBC Universal during the Olympics in Beijing, Vancouver, and London. In 2012, Mike undertook a new challenge with the launch of the video tutorial series Sound // Concept. Hosted and promoted in cooperation with popular electronic music portal Pulse Radio, this passion project was an outlet for Mike to pass along creative techniques to eager producers looking to expand their skill set.

Connect with Mike on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Website


Kontour Tutorial

Sound Design Komplete Program

Finding the right sound can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Learn the fundamentals of synthesis and sampling and gain the depth of knowledge to shape sounds the way you want them or make your own sounds from scratch.

Click here to view the embedded video.

About This Program

Become fluent in the language of sound design and synthesis with this comprehensive program. This six-level Sound Design program uses Native Instruments’ Komplete as a platform for learning synthesis and sampling techniques. Starting with an introduction to the properties of sound, this comprehensive series of courses covers the major techniques used for contemporary sound design.

You will learn to create your own sounds with a variety of techniques and add a personal sonic signature to your tracks. We introduce you to the latest synthesis and sampling technologies and show you how to use the world’s largest and most diverse sound library. In the advanced levels, you will acquire total control over all aspects of the Komplete instruments while practicing genre-based sound design.

What’s Included

  • Sound Design Level 1: Introduction to Komplete
  • Sound Design Level 2: Synthesis with Massive, FM8 and Absynth
  • Sound Design Level 3: Sampling with Kontakt and Battery
  • Sound Design Level 4: Advanced Sound Design
  • Sound Design Level 5: Reaktor Ensembles and Production Techniques
  • Sound Design Level 6: Reaktor Programming and Instrument Building

Additional Information

Visit the Music Foundations course page for detailed information on this program here.

If you have questions, please call 877.DUBSPOT or send us a message.


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A-List Drummers–is there anything they can't do?

The latest additions to the A-List series are two new Drummers – Classic and Power.

Classic Drummer is meticulously recorded by Ryan Gruss from Loop Loft using “vintage tea-towels” dampening the drums, very much inspired by production techniques of the 60s. If you want dry, clean drums to shape into your own sound this is the stuff you must have. And considering the amount of effects that comes with Reason there is an endless supply of new sounds, never before heard by mankind. Or keep it dry and fresh in a nostalgic way.

Power Drummer on the other hand is recorded by the punkfather of drums, Ryan Greene. An old metalhead like myself gets goosebumps on my goosebumps when I listen to this at the “proper” volume.  Raw energy fed straight to the soul without even touching a granola bar. You might even get a friendly visit from your neighbor after he has attempted to play along on your common wall. The room in this recording is the best we’ve ever heard! And let me tell you that I’m not even that kind of a nerd that sits and listen to rooms all day. Well, actually I do. I sit in an office room all day and listen to the soft, lackadaisical keyboard noises from our developers as they work their magic. But, nothing compares to the ROOM in the Power Drummer. It has that “je ne sais quoi” (or as the French call it “that certain something”) that can put the loudest 3-month baby in a meditative trance.

Question time: What could possibly be the drawback from using these skin-clad cans of doom?

  1. None.
  2. I prefer the sound of one kit, but prefer the playing style of another A-List Drummer.
  3. My music demands several drummers playing in unison.

Correct answer: A – None, none more black.

All of these objections above can be solved by flipping the rack. Lo and behold – an ingenious feature of CV ins and outs, meaning that we can link different drummers. If you like me have decided to use all three drummers but want them to play the same rhythm, what do you do? You either decide to spend some quality time at the backside of the rack. Or you simply download the freshly prepared Combinators that have done this work for you already. Or if you desperately need the Plush Pilots playing style on the Dry kit from Classic Drummer. Just use the Combinators, mix or mute the drums as you like and Bob’s your uncle.

The extra Combinators that works for all three drummers can be downloaded here.

If you don’t own these products yet, try them out for free over here.

Happy meditation,


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Dubspot LA EDU Sessions: Music for Film, TV, and Video Games

Join sound designer, composer, and video editor Elan Polushko for this FREE workshop on writing music for film, tv, and video games at Dubspot LA Friday, July 8th from 4:00pm – 6:00pm.


Dubspot LA EDU Sessions:
Music for Film, TV, and Video Games

Elan Polushko

Friday, July 8th, 2016
4:00pm – 6:00pm PST

Dubspot LA
6605 Hollywood Blvd #110
Los Angeles, CA

Join sound designer, composer, and video editor Elan Polushko for this FREE workshop on writing music to picture and video games. Elan will discuss the creative direction, outline the different process, and explore creating music for film, tv, and video games. Develop a basic overall understanding of music placement, workflow procedures, parameters that determine the musical possibilities, and technical requirements.

This event is FREE and open to the public. Space is limited, please arrive early to sign in.


About Elan Polushko

Elan has over a decade of experience and schooling in music, performance, and audio production.

“Knowledge is a journey partly inward and reflective, and then through the looking glass into the world. Through transference and sharing, gathering of information and preparation. Being imparted too as well as imparting, mentored, and mentoring. Sound and music is an aural tradition, to learn to listen and to know one’s turn to speak. The call and response!”


EDU Summer Sessions

Music Foundations Program

Unravel electronic music’s origins, build your chops, learn musical language and theory, and make and play music the way you want. Students will develop a deeper understanding of the roots and lineage of a variety of electronic and dance music genres, strengthen their keyboard skills, and learn valuable music theory, deepening their creative practice and facilitating effective collaborations with musical partners.

Click here to view the embedded video.

About This Program

The best producers, DJs, and musicians in the world strive to be well-rounded. So should you. In Dubspot’s Music Foundations Program, you’ll explore three major aspects of music: rhythmic theory, melodic theory, and critical listening.

Most pioneering early electronic musicians had years of conservatory training in theory and performance but had access to very limited technologies. In today’s musical world, it’s the opposite: we have a powerful and versatile array of electronic music making tools at our fingertips, but often fall short in our theoretical understanding of how electronic music works.

Our Music Foundations program is designed to fill this gap and provide training in fundamental skills and concepts with the electronic musician, DJ, and producer in mind. In this course, you’ll build your chops and learn the basics of musical language and theory so that you can make and play the music you want. You will also develop a deeper understanding of the roots and lineage of a variety of electronic and dance music genres, and explore compositional techniques and song structure. The weekly homework lessons for all three courses have been designed using Ableton Live, and along the way you’ll also learn the basics of Ableton and how to use it as a powerful tool to improve your musicianship in a variety of ways.

What’s Included

  • Music Foundations Level 1: Pads & Rhythmic Theory
  • Music Foundations Level 2: Keys & Melodic Theory
  • Music Foundations Level 3: Critical Listening

Additional Information

Visit the Music Foundations course page for detailed information on this program here.

If you have questions, please call 877.DUBSPOT or send us a message.


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Reason Audio Techniques

Side chain compression is a powerful tool in elevating your mix from a standard track to a
dance floor explosion, and Propellerhead’s Reason audio software allows for various
techniques to achieve this. This article looks at a streamline way on how to set up a global
side chain compression and save a template for future projects.

There are many users of Reason that shy away from pressing the Tab key to unveil the mess
of cables in the back of your rack extensions. Hopefully this article demystifies the routing of
cables, and opens doors to unlimited creativity when using Reason audio products.

To clarify, what is side chain compression? Essentially we are utilizing a sequenced trigger
to activate a dynamic change in your music. Another way to understand this is when we
over compress a mix, you start to hear a breathing effect that happens to your track.
Although this is not traditionally an accepted way to finalize your mixes, the breathing effect
is due to your parameters on your compressor being time based. The timing parameters,
which is usually in milliseconds, is controlled by your attack, release, compression ratio and
threshold settings. The difference with side chain compression is you have the power to
sync your compression to the beat, rhythm or specific syncopation. This will therefore, give
your music a punchier sound and a perceived bigger beat.

As in any DAW, you need a reliable compressor which allows for side chain compression
inputs. The ‘M-Class compressor’, which is standard in Reason Products, is a great place
to start in setting up your first side-chain. There are two ways you can start to create a
global effects chain on Reason, one is creating a Bus channel and the other is adding to your
FX return. The Bus channel is the easiest, however the control on the amount of effect is
limited. Passing too many tracks through one channel can also reduce the clarity in your final
mix. Therefore, I recommend the the latter.

Firstly, we open a new Reason project file and select the ‘Edit’ button under the standard
‘Deley 3/16’ FX Return on your Reason Mixer panel [Figure 01]


This will direct you to the Reason Rack panel, where you can drag and drop an ‘M-Class
Compressor’ under the ‘Deley 3/16 FX Return’. Following this method has already ensured
that the ‘M-Class Compressor’ is routed to the ‘Master Output’ in Reason. [Figure 02]


Now that your ‘M-Class Compressor’ is connected correctly to the FX return, we can attach
our much needed sequence trigger. ‘Redrum’, is a great Instrument module to use for this
specific task. ‘Redrum’ allows for 10 output channels that can potentially trigger their own
individual side chain compressors with totally different rhythm sequencing. [Figure 03]


Here comes the fun bit, by pressing the TAB key on your typing keyboard you unveil the
back of your Rack Panel view. [Figure 04]


Now that you have exposed the Rear Rack Panel view, you need to Click on the Left(Mono)
Audio Output of Channel 1 in ‘Redrum’, and drag it to connect to the Left (L) Side chain In of
the ‘M-Class Compressor’. You will notice that automatically the Right Audio Output from
‘Redrum’ will connect to the Right (R) Side chain In of the ‘M-Class Compressor’ which is
exactly what you want. [Figure 05]


Hopefully that routing of cables wasn’t too daunting, and we can get back to our Front view
of the Rack Panel, by once again pressing the TAB key on your typing keyboard. For a
typical Dance groove, I find triggering ‘Redrum’ on the start of the measure, beats 1, 5, 9 &
13 gives the instrument of your choice, the signal of playing just off the beat. This is
especially noticed when you set the Pattern Resolution to 1/16. By doing this, traditionally
in dance music, you have allowed for a drum pattern to cut through the mix even if it is
playing a simple 4/4 bassdrum beat.

To ensure you get a strong sense of the side chaining effect, you will need to set you
‘M-Class Compressor’ parameter to the following; Input Gain to the maximum, Threshold to
the Minimum, Ratio to the Maximum, Attack to roughly 1/3 and finally the Release to the
Minimum. [Figure 06]


At this point if we press play on our Transport window or the SPACEBAR key on your typing
keyboard, you should notice your M-Class Compressor’s Gain signal pulsating from 0dB to
-20dB on the beat. This means we are ready to send any Instrument track to that FX
Return. To get the full sensation of side chaining I recommend using an instrument that has
a long sustain. In my example, the Zerolizer from ‘Malstrom’ in your instrument library is a
great instrument to start with. [Figure 07]


Finally we can start recording some music for our side chain compressor setup. In my
example, I have just looped a long C note that goes across 8 measures to hear the fruits of
my labour. I recommend lowering the volume fader of your chosen instrument in the Mixer
Panel, remember we have set the Input Gain on your ‘M-Class Compressor’ to it’s Maximum
level. [Figure 08]


Now that we have our side chaining compressor ready in our FX Return and an instrument
playing audio. To achieve our desired effect we now need to click our FX Return 5 on the
Malstrom channel, and set its level to the maximum. At this point you may want to label that
specific FX Return to say something like ‘Synth side chain’. [Figure 09]


As an added extension, I recommend setting up a second FX Return with an additional
‘M-Class Compressor’ connected to Channel 2 of the original Redrum. By setting the
‘Redrum’ channel 2 on beats 3, 7, 11 & 15, you can now add a simple 4/4 bass drum and
really feel the power of side chain compression. [Figure 10 & 11]

10 11


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Open House and Guided Tour of Dubspot LA

Learn more about furthering your music education at Dubspot Los Angeles during our Open House June 26th from 12pm-3pm.


Visit Dubspot Los Angeles Sunday, June 26th from 12pm until 3pm during our Open House to learn about the learning experience at Dubspot, our extensive course offerings, our facilities, the equipment students work with, and our payment and housing options. Ask our Admissions Counselors in-depth questions about our programs, curriculum, and philosophy. Watch live music production and DJ demos and test drive our student workstations.

Dubspot LA Open House
6605 Hollywood Blvd
Suite 110

June 26th
From 12pm until 3pm


Dubspot LA New Location Now Open!

We are proud to announce that Dubspot Los Angeles is now open at a beautiful new location in Hollywood, CA. Located right amidst the hustle of Hollywood Boulevard, Dubspot LA offers a musical oasis in California’s creative epicenter.

Dubspot LA is currently offering courses in DJ, Music Production, Mixing and Mastering, Sound Design, and Music Foundations. To learn more about these extensive programs check out our course listings or stop by Dubspot LA to see what we do in person.

Dubspot LA

Join the world’s leading learning environment and community for musicians, DJs, producers, audio professionals, and enthusiasts of all music genres. Our new campus in Los Angeles includes the same comprehensive curriculum, professional music equipment and software, and intimate learning environment as our New York campus.

This vibrant new space offers light, sound, and vibe that will inspire your creative journey along with our staff of dedicated mentors to guide you towards your crrative goals. Dubspot LA will provide an excellent foundation for aspiring electronic music artists to both begin and execute their music endeavo

DubspotAs a Music School for both aspiring and experienced artists alike, Dubspot’s mission is to offer intimate education in a unique, hands-on environments with a talented tribe of musically diverse educators and artists. We focus on working with like-minded partners to bring the Dubspot Experience to the world!

Contact Admissions today to learn more about our extensive course offerings and programs by calling 1.877.DUBSPOT.

Dubspot LA

Visit Dubspot LA! Come see what we do and meet our instructors. If you are driving into town, you can find parking lots and street parking nearby. If you are taking public transit, we’re walking distance from both the Vine and Highland red line stations.

Meet Our LA Instructors

Dubspot LA

Our expert team of instructors are more than talented musicians, more than human software manuals, and more than insightful critics; they are mentors, genuinely interested in seeing students develop and grow as artists. Their collective experience spans many fields, continents, and years in the music industry. They are the heart of your Dubspot experience.

Explore Our LA Programs and New Course Dates

Dubspot LA

Find your Music Production or DJ Education at Dubspot and discover a learning experience that goes beyond software education. Our collection of carefully developed programs explore the core elements that inspire and shape the music you create. Whatever your interest, whatever your level of experience, we can help find the right class for you. Select a program that interests you to learn more about the curriculum and related courses.


Ableton Live Producer Certificate Program

At Dubspot our world-class instructors provide the most complete and cutting-edge Ableton Live learning experience. The Ableton Live Producer Certificate Program is the flagship of our music training. After completing this program, you will leave with a portfolio of original tracks, a remix entered in an active contest, a scored commercial to widen your scope, and the Dubspot Producer’s Certificate in Ableton Live.

Click here to view the embedded video.

About This Program

This program is about learning Ableton Live by going through the entire process of being an artist, by developing your own sound through a series of sketches and experimentation. You will also learn the ins and outs of this powerful software through a series of exercises designed to help you master the steps involved in producing your own music. After a level of getting familiar with the tools that Ableton has to offer, you will then develop your sonic ideas into full-length tracks. You will be exposed to a variety of approaches to arrangement and composition, storytelling techniques, ways of creating tension and drama in your music. At the end of the day, it is the sum total of your choices as an artist that define your sound, and levels 2 – 6 will give you the experience of actually completing tracks to add to your portfolio.

What’s Included

  • Ableton Live Level 1: Beats, Sketches, and Ideas
  • Ableton Live Level 2: Analyze, Deconstruct, Recompose, and Assemble
  • Ableton Live Level 3: Synthesis and Original Sound Creation
  • Ableton Live Level 4: Advanced Sound Creation
  • Ableton Live Level 5: Advanced Effect Processing
  • Ableton Live Level 6: Going Global with your Music

Additional Information

Visit the Ableton Live course page for detailed information on this program here.

If you have questions, please call 877.DUBSPOT or send us a message.


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KHOMPA: Drums trigger Live

Did you hear the one about the drummer and the synth player who just couldn’t stay in time? Neither did Davide Compagnoni, aka KHOMPA, whose new album, The Shape of Drums to Come, consists almost exclusively of pieces built around melodic material triggered in time with the drums. As the…

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On And Off The Grid: Acoustic drummers and electronic music

Drummers and electronic beat makers have similar problems to solve, but have traditionally approached solving them in radically different ways. Recently however, more and more innovative drummers are incorporating the language of electronic music into their drumming, while also adapting the subtle timing inflections and “feel” of human playing into…

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Point Blank at Sónar 2016

Monday mornings are bad enough, but with Barcelona’s sunny Sónar festival fresh in our memory and the rainy British summer in full swing, this one is particularly painful. Still, what a week it was – Point Blank had the pleasure of hosting not one but two masterclasses at the famed Sónar+D, the educational, technological and creative arm of the famous Spanish festival. Read our Sónar 2016 wrap up below and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch the masterclasses in full.

IMG_2547The Stage+D was set for our masterclass with Richie Hawtin and deconstruction with Ski Oakenfull later that day

We started our Sónar adventure on Friday as we made our way to the Sónar+D area. The main Stage+D was surrounded by smaller booths with everything from quirky synths and DIY music projects to Richie Hawtin’s Model 1 mixer all on display for the intrigued festival goers to play with.

IMG_2213Sónar+D was full of workshops, booths and talks around music technology, education and creativity


IMG_2554PLAYdifferently Model 1 product specialist Alex Zinn proudly presents the intuitive mixer 

After some fascinating talks from the likes of CDM’s Peter Kirn and a killer live performance from KiNK using the new Pioneer nxs2 range and TORAIZ SP-16 sampler, it was time for us to take the stage with Richie Hawtin to discuss his Model 1 mixer and PLAYdifferently movement.


It was a great talk, full of info on Richie’s approach to performance, how the mixer itself works as well as an exclusive live performance. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to see the full masterclass, coming soon.

Next up was PB lead course developer and instructor Ski Oakenfull who tackled New Order’s classic ‘Blue Monday’ with one of his world-famous deconstructions. It was a pleasure to close the whole Stage+D area and Ski did not disappoint, offering plenty of insight into what you can learn on our courses, as well as the inspirations, notes and chords behind the famous track.

IMG_2241PB’s Ski Oakenfull shows what influences went into New Order’s classic Blue Monday, including this Kraftwerk sample

Next it was time for a well-deserved game of futbol in Sónar VIP area before catching Running Back boss and feel-good party-starter Gerd Janson at the RBMA stage. Once the By Day activities had ended, it was time to take the trip to By Night for a solid lineup of electronic music heavyweights including Kode9, Flume, Kerri Chandler, Four Tet and Mano Le Tough.

IMG_2211(Probably) the world’s largest foosball table 

IMG_2562Kerri Chandler takes to the RA stage at SONAR By Night

There was just enough time to catch some of the Spanish sun before heading back to London. Once again Sónar has proven itself to be one of the most forward-thinking electronic music festivals on the planet. Not just because of its lineup of acts – Sónar+D is equally as progressive, providing inspirational and insightful talks and workshops with industry leading representatives like Point Blank. See you next year, Sónar!


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When you register with Point Blank, you access an array of free sounds, plugins, online course samples, access to our social network Plugged In and much more! Simply register below and visit our Free Stuff page to get your hands on a range of exclusive music-making tools and tutorials provided by the team. Fill your boots!

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