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How to produce a deep house track in Ableton Live

How to produce a Deep House track in Ableton Live

We’ve been researching for a list with some of the best free tutorials online for producing a deep house track from scratch in Ableton Live. Sadowick Production made a great tutorial available on youtube. Extra tools you will need: Waves plugins & Sylenth.

Project Checklist In Ableton Live

Before starting a project in Ableton Live don’t forget this checklist:

  • Create Folder
    You create a folder inside the Ableton folder or in a location of your choice.
  • Save Project
    Before you continue you must open Ableton Live and save your project. You go to “File” and then “Save Live Set As…”
  • Bit Depth
    Setting the bit depth at 24bit by going to Live – Preferences – Record – Bit Depth
  • Sample Rate
    Setting the sample rate to 48.000 hetrz by going to Live – Preferences – Audio – In/Out Sample Rate
    When you save a file you want it to be a lossless and uncompressed type of file. It is preferable to save as WAV or AIFF. Ableton Live supports both this types and you can set this by going to:
    Live – Preferences – Record – File Type
  • Setting Buffer Size
    Before starting your work you need to set the buffer size, that is how many samples per second you want the DAW to send to the D/A converter. A low buffer size reduces latency but also reduces the plug-ins and synthesizers you can use. In Ableton I will set the buffer size to 128 samples by going to: Live – Preferences – Audio – Buffer Size

12 Music production universities that will inspire you.

We have selected 12 music production universities all around the world to inspire you, based on their impressive results and course dynamic. There are all sort of alternatives schools and events created to offer you an intensive and comprehensive course in music and musical production. But we know that sometimes even though the longest way seems to be the hardest it is also the most interesting.

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Music production schools in europe

Europe is known for its cities bursting with creativity, history and beauty. It is also known for its important musical culture and teaching methods that have found the perfect combination in some of the best colleges and institutions from around the world. We have selected a top 5 of some of these best places. Prepare to be impressed and even reconsider going back to school.

  1. Point Blank Music Production and Sound Engineering School (London, UK)

Positioning itself as a Global Music School, with location in exhilarating London and innovative Los Angeles, Point Blank is a great place to learn everything about music and music production. Established during the dance music revolution that exploded in the 1990’s, Point Blank always evolved with music trends and influences and proves to be one of the best places to learn and master the art of music production.

  1. Southampton Solent University  (Southampton, UK)

One of UK’s newest universities with an innovative approach regarding music production. The core Sound Engineering course that this university offers is all about blending production and performance with creativity and business knowledge. It is no wonder that most of its graduates found jobs at Abbey Road Studios, Dolby Laboratories, Pinewood Studios, SSL Audio or even BBC.

  1. Midi School (Manchester, UK)

With a different view of learning, Midi School makes our third spot. Focusing on small classes with no more than 7 students, this school is all about exploration. After learning everything about music production, technology and techniques, students spend 3 months in the institute’s studio working on real-life scenarios for all kind of media formats (video games, radio, TV, film). After all, Manchester and music have always gone hand in hand with each other.

  1. SAE Institute (Berlin, Germany)

What other city most suited for studying music production than Berlin? Situated in a midst of creativity and originality, SAE Institute is one of the best places to learn about music and music production. With courses focusing on practical training, impressive studios and the latest technologies, SAE Berlin is one of our recommendations.

  1. dBs Music (Berlin, Germany)

An English approach brought to a city that bursts with creativity. Known as the University of the Music Industry, dBs Music conqueres our first spot. Surrounded by people that dream and breathe music with important and renowned music producers and sound engineers, everything from their courses to the latest equipments and impressive studios evolve around music.

7 music production universities from USA

There are all sort of alternatives schools and events created to offer you an intensive and comprehensive course in music and musical production. But we know that sometimes even though the longest way seems to be the hardest it is also the most interesting. We have selected 7 music production universities to inspire you, based on their impressive results and course dynamic. Just take a look:

  1. Academy of Art University (San Francisco, CA)

Our first inspiration comes from a different kind of school. Not integrated in a larger university or not a music school per se, this Academy is well known as one of the largest schools in America. With over 18.000 students and with a selection of courses constructed around a visual media program, this school is known for a focus on multimedia and television. Many of its alumni have landed jobs in renowned corporations such as Dolby, Sony or Skywalker Sound.

  1. Indiana University Jacobs School of Music (Bloomington, IN)

Quality over quantity. That’s what this school is all about. With a small number of 15 incoming students per year the music program focuses on individual attention and instruction by notable names such as Konrad Strauss known for winning Grammy awards for music production.

5. Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA)

A good option for any musician that wants to start its career right away. Drexel University is known for its focus on training and hands-on experiences. Created on two axis, one degree focusing on the music industry and business while the other more grounded in music production, the university seeks to offer real experience. Its summer internships offers the best training opportunities with students spending their summer in record labels and studios, music venues or other music environments. They can even record and release their music. What a good chance to test your creativity right away.

  1. Georgia State University (Atlanta, GA)

With a great facility and comprehensive program, Georgia State University makes our number 4 spot. What impressed us is the attention given not only to music production, but also to its artistic and creative side. Students are both practically and aesthetically trained for the music environment. Their 3 recording studios and the 2CINEM facility, a multimedia collaborative lab, offer the best environment for merging multimedia and music production, creativity and technology, training and hands-on experience.

  1. The College of Saint Rose (Albany, NY)

With a focus on real and concrete training, the College of Saint Rose breathes creativity. Starting with a foundation in the core creative processes and music production techniques, the institution is also renowned for its training opportunities and requirements. Each student has to complete an internship with a music company and also to record a CD as a graduation test. The college’s studio name also delighted us. What better way to start your music than in the Saints and Sinners Recording Studio?

  1. New York University  (New York, NY)

Divided into 2 departments, NYU has excelled at training and teaching young musicians. The first department, “Tisch” School also known as the Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music focuses on the entrepreneur side of music forming record label CEO’s and music businessmen. The second department, the “Steinhardt” School focuses on music production and music technology. With an impressive 7.500 square foot recording studio and the latest equipments and technologies, this department is all about music. Whether you are more interested in the business side of music or in its creation itself, NYU is definitely one of our top music universities.

  1. Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA)

With great facilities and extraordinary results, Berklee College of Music makes our number one recommendation for young prodigies and not only. And the possibilities are unlimited. Every year students receive 10.000 hours to spend in the recording studio offering them the possibility to master Pro Tools, MIDI and digital audio equipments and to perfect their mixing techniques.