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Reason 10.3 is here!

I’m happy to announce that Reason 10.3, a free update to Reason 10, is now available. Just launch Reason 10 and there’ll be an auto-update waiting for you.

Reason 10.3 is the much anticipated “performance update”, a big rewrite changing how Reason handles buffer sizes to work how VST plugins expect a host to work. There’s now a setting in Reason’s audio preference to “Render audio using audio card buffer size setting” that is on by default. But what does that mean in practice?

When making music, your computer can now handle more VST plugins before experiencing issues (like clicking and popping) on buffer sizes higher than 64 samples. Depending on the plugins used, the improvements you’ll see can vary a lot. In our testing we’ve seen improvements from a measly 10% to well over 200% when using a buffer size of 512 samples. You might see even bigger improvements on larger buffer sizes, but of course a larger buffer size has other downsides like latency.

Now that we’ve had a month of beta testing I can also say for certain that even if you don’t use VST plugins, you’ll see performance improvements using Rack Extensions and internal devices too. As an example, the Reason 10 demo songs run 10-50% better on our testing machines using a buffer size of 512 samples.

While this is all good news, some things might actually sound different with these rendering changes and that’s important to understand. When automating or CV controlling parameters in a VST, it will use the same resolution as the buffer size. This is also true for any feedback connection, for example sending a signal out of a device and then back in to the same device.

In Reason 10.2 and earlier, the buffer size was fixed at 64 samples and thus had almost no noticeable delay. Now, with larger buffer sizes you might hear a difference when controlling a VST parameter or hear a delay when creating a feedback loop. In most cases, you probably won’t notice it, but for full compatibility with your older songs you can either bring the buffer size down to 64 samples or untick the new option in the preferences.

With all that said, we’re very happy with the improvements in Reason 10.3 and that we can finally share it with you. We’ve also reset all Reason trials so anyone curious about the improvements can start a 30-day trial. I personally want to say thank you for all the feedback and testing help we’ve had from the Reason users out there. Now it’s time to make more music!

Mattias Häggström Gerdt
Reason Product Manager


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Virtual Bassist by UJAM comes to Reason

UJAM Instruments, makers of the world-famous Virtual Guitarist series and A-List partners of Propellerhead, are taking their new Virtual Bassist product line of instrument plug-ins to the Rack Extension format, with the three titles Royal, Rowdy and Mellow, available in the Propellerhead store now.


“Virtual Bassist has been a great success since its launch in December, and for UJAM their Rack Extension launch marks a double milestone. With Virtual Bassist Rack Extensions, we complete the A-List series of drums and guitars we built together wiht Propellerhead by adding great-sounding bass players – the virtual backing band is finally together.” – UJAM Instruments Founder Peter Gorges.


Similar to the Virtual Guitarist series, each Virtual Bassist is an emulation of a particular instrument, player and gear like amp or effects. The Virtual Bassists can be played like any MIDI instrument, with AI articulation modeling augmenting notes by realistic bass articulations.

The first three titles in the Virtual Bassist series cover all the essentials for different musical styles:

  • Royal delivers a broad range of professional studio bass sounds and styles, based on a fingered electric bass and amps selected and configured to fit the bass into any acoustic or electric mix.

  • Rowdy is a loud-mouthed, twangy rock bass, leaning towards saturation and distortion with a rather rough sound and playing style.

  • Mellow stands for an acoustic double bass that provides bottom end and texture in organic coffee shop jazz just as well as a powerful voice in urban and soul genres.

Peter Gorges adds:

“All three bassists are deep-sampled and come with true-to-style built-in amps and effects. Most importantly for many, they share UJAM’s signature ease-of-use at uncompromised realism that the Virtual Guitarist series has introduced, and play extremely well with UJAM’s other series such as Virtual Guitarist, Virtual Drummer or Beatmaker.”

Learn more about UJAM Virtual Bassist in our shop!


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Tutorial: How to Make a Patch from Scratch in Complex-1 with DivKid

Modular enthusiast and YouTuber DivKid is back with part two of his series on our latest modular synth Rack Extension Complex-1. In this sound design tutorial, he will show you how to go from total confusion (where does this cable go?) to creating musical bleeps, bloops and useful patches in no-time!

DivKid says:

I hope this video serves to give some ideas of not only the possibilities of Complex-1 but also to give you some ideas to try things in other software and hardware synthesis (modular or otherwise). In this patch I go through create stereo synth tones, sequenced arpeggios, FX, folding and a whole load of patching.


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